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Certified Health & Wellness Coach Jayne Kraman

I’ve been plunging into health and wellness for decades. In all truth, I feel like the coming together of all that I have studied and practiced has finally weaved together into an understanding that I can intuitively apply to every individual I work with. There is no one program or approach that solves everything. You are who you are, you have the genetics, the background, experience, trauma, life-style habits, environments you’ve lived in, relationships that are all specific to you. Finding what works for you requires willingness, understanding, and lots of experimentation and work. Some people have a great awareness of their body and how they feel, others have blocks on that awareness, some people think too much, others are not logical at all. It goes on and on. There is also the truth that what works for you at one stage of your life will change and shift due to age and experiences. My job is to connect with you and discern what to apply to best suit your needs.

My training and certifications span different modalities:

  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
  • Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Institute for the Psychology of Eating
  • Master of Health, Arts and Sciences – Goddard College
  • Satori Qigong training – certified in the Full Flow Form and Good Morning, Good Evening Qigong
  • Women’s Professional Course in Integrated and Functional Medicine- Aviva Romm
  • Center for Mind Body Medicine – Certified Facilitator
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Montana
  • Myofascial Release Training – John Barnes seminars
  • BASI Pilates Graduate Training
  • 200 Hour Yoga Training Uplifted Yoga

I pull from all of the above to create a program or “what to focus on first” approach for you. Your first session would consist of an extensive interview to connect and determine if moving forward is right. Then the fun begins. I offer the options of one-on-one sessions, classes, and workshops. I work in person and remote. My main base these days in Northwest Montana. I additionally am back in Brooklyn, New York periodically and have traveled to work with people. A key factor in a working relationship are clients that want to take ownership for their own well-being. I can educate, guide, be your cheerleader, hold you accountable but you know you best and your success will ultimately come down to the work that you put in. My job is to serve you to do the best work you can do to create that life of passion, purpose and sustained health.

Jayne Krayman