jayne_bettter_livingI prefer to do initial consultations that spend adequate time with you so that I get a full picture of whom you are and what it is you want to address. The objective of the consultation is to give you something you can use immediately and to determine whether we are a good fit to continue to work together. I allow anywhere from 1 – 1 ½ hours for an initial consultation. They can be done either in person, by phone, or Skype. My main home is in northwest Montana, between Libby and Troy. I also am in Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York at various points during the year. I travel frequently and will keep the calendar updated on my location. I charge $100 per consultation. If we decide to work together, 25% of the initial consultation fee will be credited to future sessions.


I do not have set program packages. Each individual has different needs and frequency and length of time working together varies. Usual monthly fees are $180 per month that includes 2 hour-long consultations with consultation notes and information following.

After the initial consultation a proposal of service with fees and contract will be drawn up for client approval.


Announcements regarding the specifics on workshop and lecture offerings will be updated as they occur.


For those who want an intensive, short-term approach the option of visiting Montana is available. I live in a very rural area in northwest Montana that is perfect for breathing, hiking, fishing, unplugging from your day-to-day noise, and general revitalizing and rebooting. We are located in the Kootenai River Valley, 35 miles south of British-Columbia and 2 hours away from Glacier National Park. Spokane International Airport in Washington is 3 hours away and Glacier International in Kalispell, Montana is 2 hours away. Current accommodations consist of a 2 bedroom (queen beds) and loft (twin beds) apartment with a shared kitchen, living space and bathroom. Programs and cost are developed dependent on interest and the number of people involved. Contact me with any questions.