Approach & Background


Janyne Kraman

Treating your symptoms as the primary things to focus on and fix is a limited approach. I look at symptoms as clues, things to be curious about and use to discover the real sources creating them. You may want to shed excess weight or handle your fatigue. Quick fixes may have you on a diet that restricts your calories, or carbs or fats. Perhaps that results in dropping the weight. Perhaps super foods and stimulating supplements may increase your energy. I don’t consider these “fixes” as a complete, quality approach. The real test is does the weight stay off, is the “diet” a way of eating that works for you long term, is energy really sustainable if it primarily depends on outside stimulants? Your body is composed of physical systems that are in relationship with each other. Your food, emotions, mental outlook, life relationships, work, environment, activities and beliefs are part of more systems and they interplay with those of the body. Nothing works alone. There is no one reason that you have weight to lose or lack energy and no one solution to handling these symptoms. The game becomes taking inventory of how all parts of you and your life work together to create a program to handle you. You are unique. What may work for another may do nothing for you. You are the one inhabiting your body and living your life. Ultimately no one has a more intimate connection to what is going on with you than you. I consider my job to guide you back to your innate body wisdom, ability to heal yourself, and to be re-inspired to live well and move towards your full potential.

My background is varied. I have studied western and traditional medical, philosophical, and health paradigms. My training has consisted of a Holistic Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®, a Nutritional Consultant Certificate from the Kindgom College of Natural Health and a Masters in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College. My dissertation focused on the gastrointestinal system and the relationship between the microorganisms found in the human gut and those found in the soil that creates our food. Most recently I’ve become certified as an Eating Psychology coach through the  © Institute for the Psychology of Eating.This training has melded perfectly with my approach as the work focuses on the deep-seated connections between the individual and his mind, body, experience and resultant behavior. These connections go far beyond merely what you consume and approach addressing weight and body issues on a far deeper level. I have constantly questioned existing concepts of holistic, integrative and what is included in living a truly nourished life. I continue to study and question. My continuing education has included a Food as Medicine Conference with the Center for Mind Body Medicine and courses in Food as Therapy and Biochemical/Nutrients Overview with Portland Community College. Currently I am amid an Herbal Medicine for Women course with Aviva Romm.

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